birthday trip to Prague

Last week me and Pete went to Prague for four days. We were lucky with the appartment we had booked, it was very central and had a little rooftop to sit out on which was lovely! The first afternoon we had a wander around and realised how close we were to everything and headed over to the old town and across Charles Bridge and had one of Pragues famous Chimney cakes, which I couldn’t say no too!

Prague is famous for its picturesque cobbled streets and interesting buildings. The old town square is famous for Astonomical clock which is one of the oldest clocks in Europe. From the old town you can walk to Charles Bridge which has great views of the river and the castle. 

We headed up Petrin Tower which gives you great views of the city. The tower is in Petrin Park which is a nice peaceful escape from the city. We also got a pedalo out on the last day which was fun and a different way to see the city.

Prague is also famous for it’s beer, which we tasted plenty! We went to the Prague Beer Museum and tasted a few, they had 30 different beers on tap! We also went to Vytopna Railway Restaurant which was very different as the beer came round on a little train! 

It was a lovely trip away to finish off my birthday! And would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of going! 

lots of love

HX xoxo


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