sunday funday in LDN

Yesterday me and Pete went to London for the day, it’s so easy to get there and not far at all, only two hours on the train, so a nice day out for a change.

We started off on Oxford street and Regent street, and had a wander around the shops, especially the ones we don’t have in Norwich! We then headed to Carnaby Street, which was nice as a bit quieter then oxford street and away from all the hustle and bustle! It was nice with all the little shops around there, which i hadn’t been to before.

We also took a trip to the Ice Bar, just off Regent Street, which was nice to do something diffferent. I hadn’t been here before so didn’t know what to expect. Was defiantly as cold as I expect! But was good and even the glasses you drink out of are made of ice, which surprised me! 

We ended the day with a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe with some food and cocktails! And a quick stop off at Convent garden, which is always nice to look around! 

lots of love

HX xoxo


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