Monday Motivation

Recently i have been really struggling to find any motivation to go to the gym. I find that when i’m not exactly feeling myself it’s as though my get up and go disappears and all I want to do is sleep. I know it can be usual for everyone to have these days once in a while but I just wanted to give some tips on how you can try to stay motivated and feeling good about yourself. 

1. Book some classes. I find that if I have booked a gym class (even though it is possible to cancel) I feel like I need to go otherwise I have let myself down. This week I have booked a few classes such as yoga and body conditioning. 

2. Schedule your workouts. I always like to keep a mental plan in my head of when I am going to go to the gym and what I will train. This week I know that I am going to train legs and glutes today, back tomorrow and arms on thursday. I always try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week, anything more than that I consider a bonus. 

3. Grab a workout buddy. I always find that it is easiest to have a really good and successful workout when you have someone else with you. My friend has recently joined the gym so sometimes during the week we will do a workout together as we both help each other to stay focused and motivated. I also think that I push myself harder when I am with someone else. I can’t wait for Helen to come home from her holiday so that she can start to come to the gym with me too! 

4. Workout gear. It is not essential but I like to have some colourful workout clothes – pink is my favourite. I find that when I wear a colour as opposed to black, especially on a monday morning, it helps brighten up the day therefore making me feel like I want to be in the gym and want to meet my goals. 

5. Set some goals. I find that if I have set some goals in my head, I am more likely to hit them. Recently I have been trying to work on my fitness. With the training that J do in the gym being mainly weights I really struggle with cardio. Last week I did a 10 minute run on the treadmill and I felt like this was a big achievement for me!! Other things that I am working on is my strength and my flexibility. I find that yoga is a really good way to work on these goals. Yoga also gives me time to relax and clear my mind and I always feel so much better afterwards. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this helps to keep you motivated and on track to hit your targets!

Lots of love, HS xoxo

  • leggings – both from Nike
  • sports bra – from Ivy Park
  • trainers – from Nike

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