February favourites

Another month over! And another month of things we’ve been loving.

First off, Topshop Mom jeans. I’ve been needing a new pair of jeans for a long time! After wearing my ripped Topshop Jamie’s to death, even though I’ll still wear them! I thought it was time I tried a different style after having a wardrobe full of the Jamie’s. I thought I would try the Topshop Mom jeans. Which I love, they are a great fit and more of a relaxed style, cut with a high waist and tapered leg and sit just above the ankle. I can definitely imagine wearing these through summer with my converse.

Secondly, the Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines fake tan. Holly recently got this fake tan and loves it! It is definitely worth spending abit more as she feels it doesn’t dry her skin out at all, as she previously found other fake tans have. It’s non sticky and doesn’t have that horrible fake tan spell and she’s also found it lasts great and no streaks too! Definitely would recommend! 

And lastly PANCAKES. Shrove Tuesday was yesterday, which definitely meant pancakes for tea! Seeing as I have tried to give up dairy it was sugar and lemon for me, but Holly smothered hers in nutella and strawberries! Which I wish I could have had!




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