Mini Break in Oslo

Reality has really kicked me in the teeth this week, after my little trip to Oslo I have been back at work and in the gym and honestly, it has been so stressful. Already looking forward to another break!

I spent last weekend in Oslo with one of my favourite Norwegian friends, Lise. Who knew that when we both sat in the same German class 3 and a half years ago we would still be friends now and flying back and forth to see each other every year?! 

We had a very busy weekend, it has been filled with museums, art galleries, sightseeing and of course, lots of walking. My legs were definitely feeling an effect. 

Day 1 consisted of visiting the Opera House. This had an amazing view because you could walk up onto the roof and look over the city and the Fjord which was so beautiful. This was followed by a trip up the high street to do some shopping. 
In the evening we headed out as we planned to do some bowling with Lise’s sister and her friends. Once we got there we discovered it was a bowling disco? and a 2-3 hour wait for a bowling alley…. no thank you. We then decided we would go to the Hard Rock Cafe as they have shuffleboarding in the basement and none of us had done this before. Turns out, I was not as good as I hoped I would have been. After a couple of games of this, and our team winning; we went to one of the most popular and talked about clubs in Oslo, Heidi’s Bier Bar. And we sure did find out it was the most popular club – we had to wait 2 hours in a queue to get in!! But, it was worth it, they played a mixture of Norwegian and British hits all night and people were dancing on tables, it was a great night but i’m not sure if I would be up for the 2 hour queue if I was to go again..

Day 2 wasn’t a majorly busy day, mainly because we were so tired from the night before. However, Lise did manage to drag me to Frogner Park, and i’m very glad that she did. This park is filled with lots of sculptures, the crying baby is one of the most famous, but I couldn’t, and still can’t, quite figure out why it is hidden in one of the corners. 

On the way back from Frogner Park we stopped off at the Palace, where Lise was admiring her future home for when she finds a norwegian prince to marry. 

Day 3 was a very busy day as we visited the Fram museum, this was about the first people who got to the North and South poles. This consisted of so much reading and definitely tired us out, but we did manage to go to the Kon-tiki museum after this. I would definitely recommend both of these museums as they give you lots of information on the Norwegian history. 

As we were so exhausted from all this reading, we decided to have a wander around and headed towards the Parliament building and some shops. 

We then went back home and got ready for an evening meal out at a Thai restaurant – Yaya’s. This was a really nice restaurant although my curry was a little bit too spicy for me haha. There was also an indoor thunder storm too as they really like for you to experience what it is really like in Thailand. 
Day 4 was my last day, we went to the Stadium to go ice skating. I was absolutely awful but we did manage to get a few pictures where we look as though we can (kind of) ice skate. 

We then went to an art museum and headed home so I could pack to come home. 

It was a lovely weekend and was so good to be reunited with Lise as we haven’t seen each other since last summer! I can’t wait for us to see each other again when she next comes to visit me. 

HS xoxo


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