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New Year, New Habits

So since the beginning of 2017 both myself and Helen have been trying to stick to our resolution of eating healthily. 

We have been doing meal preps every week for our lunches and for tea we choose something out of our cookbooks. Helen has one of the lean in 15 books by The Body Coach and I have Kayla Itsines’ 28day healthy eating and lifestyle guide. We love these cookbooks because not only do they contain healthy recipes but they also have workout tips which help to give us inspiration for when we do our home workouts.

We do our meal preps on a monday as we both have the day off. This gives us the opportunity to do a food shop and prep our lunches together. Last week was heavily chicken based, we prepared chicken stir fry’s and pesto chicken pastas for lunch. This was so easy to do and was all prepped within an hour. We think that the meal preps are a very good idea as it stops us from going out and spending money on unhealthy food every lunch time when we are at work. These last us both the week which is extremely helpful when it comes to both eating clean and saving money.

During the week we made ourself Joe’s Chicken Pie, this is done with filo pastry which is a lot healthier than puff pastry! 

This week we have prepared chicken and salmon stir fry’s. This is so we get a mixture of all the food groups within our lunches. 

We hope this gives you some inspiration when it comes to your own meal prep, or if you don’t already do it maybe it will motivate you to try it! 

Lots of love,

HS xoxo


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