Monday Funday

As it is a bank holiday today and we both had the day off work we thought we would do something fun with our friends. 

We planned a trip to Banham zoo. I love the zoo because it is always a fun day out no matter how old you are! 

We had a lot of laughs, the highlight of the trip was accidentally letting a goat out of the enclosure, luckily there was 2 gates so even though we had let it escape through one it was just stuck in the in between it. It took us so long to get it back in and even food couldn’t tempt the goat back in. We thought as a gesture of good will we would add 2 more animals to the enclosure to make up for it… 

As it was so cold, a lot of the animals weren’t outside and were just happy to stay in their ‘houses’ but luckily we could get in to see the giraffes as they weren’t showing any signs of coming outside. 

We also watched the cheetahs getting fed as well, they’re just like big cute cats really.

Overall it was a lovely day out and i’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! 

lots of love,

HS xoxo


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