Centre Parcs!

Sooooo we spent the weekend at Centre Parcs!! 

We went here as part of the celebrations for my 20th birthday! We went 10 years ago for my birthday and really enjoyed it so we thought we would go again. It’s always great around Christmas time because of the Christmas lights, snow and festive activities that you can do.

We arrived on the Friday and went straight to the spa as we had some treatments booked, there is a seperate blog post on this if you are interested in what the Aqua Sana spa is like! After our treatments we headed back to the Lodge to get ready for a meal at Bella Italia. This is one of my favourite restaurants, purely because I love Italian food! Anything pasta or pizza is my absolute fave!

I woke up on the Saturday (my birthday) and walked into the lounge area to find all of this waiting for me!! 

I’m extremely lucky!! We spent the morning opening presents and relaxing before taking a walk to go and watch the pantomime! The pantomime was absolutely brilliant, it was Cinderella and Buttons had to be my favourite character in it – well until he shouted me out for my birthday and made everyone sing happy birthday to me.. 

As soon as the show ended I left immediately as I didn’t want to be embarrassed any further! 

We headed back to the lodge and opened a bottle of prosecco, (I think I deserved a glass after that performance) whilst my dad cooked us all a roast dinner! It was lovely and we were all so stuffed we had no space for birthday cake! After our roast we sat in the lounge and played board games! 

On the Sunday we got up and headed to the swimming pool, I love swimming here as they have so many different bits, the wave pool, the Rapids, the cyclone and an outside pool! I’ve been to Centre Parcs for the day with my friends before, we spent the majority of the day on the Rapids and the cyclone so I was really looking forward to going again…. up until helen refused to go on the Rapids a second time and wouldn’t take a look at the cyclone haha! We headed back to the lodge to get ready for lunch at the Elveden Inn. We all had such a lovely meal here, followed by desserts for me and Helen as we just couldn’t resist! I then got embarrassed a second time as the waiters all brought a cake over and sang happy birthday to me! 

Once we got back from lunch, we went to go and see the fireworks and then went for a game of Bowling, and to our surprise, Grandma won! 

All in all, it was a lovely weekend filled with lots to do which was a really good way to celebrate me turning 20! I would definitely go again! 

Lots of love, 




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