Beach day!

I always like to fill my days off with as many fun things as possible. This week I planned a beach trip with one of my close friends Jess and her little bubba Teddy. I love days spent with these two because we always have such a laugh and seeing little Teds fills me with joy!

We headed over to Horsey Gap, this is my favourite beach because at this time of year it is filled with all the seals and their pups. There is a trail set up along the sand dunes which you can walk along to view all of the seals. There are also some little questions on the fence which are aimed for children to try and educate them about seals.


We didn’t stay at the beach for long because Teddy was getting hungry and restless so we thought we would go for lunch, this is something me and Jess always end up doing whenever we are together because we love food way too much.

After driving round for a while and not knowing where to go we decided to head into the city centre and we settled on Britannia Cafe. This is one of my favourite places to go for lunch because it is such good value for money and everything is homemade! I opted for a brie and cranberry sandwich whilst Jess went for a chicken burger, both were lovely and VERY filling!


I also love the fact that it is ran by the prison, this means that the waiters are all prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence and wanting to get some experience so that when they come out they can get jobs again. Some people get put off by this but I always find them so friendly and they were great with Teddy too.

All in all it was a lovely day and I already can’t wait to catch up again next week!


Lots of love,




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