Ladies that lunch

Today was my day off! I always like to make the most of my days off so today I met up with my friend Sophie for lunch, this is usually what my days off consist of, catching up with friends and finding nice places for lunch and eating cake! Today we went to a lovely cafe called The River Kitchen located on the broads in Wroxham, over looking the river.


I was stuck on what to order as they have such a wide choice and all looks so nice! They offer everything from afternoon tea to roasts. We stuck to lunch, I went for a sandwich and Sophie opted for a scone. The bread and cakes were all homemade and tasted lovely! We finished off with a twix brownie each, which tasted so nice! We couldn’t quite finish it so they gave us a box to take them away in which is such a great idea! And to top it off I found somewhere which does white hot chocolate! My favourite! They also did a salted caramel hot chocolate too which Sophie had and said was lovely too!


Lots of love,



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