Happy Humpday!

Going to the gym is one of my favourite hobbies. The feeling you get after a workout when you’ve pushed yourself really hard can be so rewarding, however the main thing I struggle with is motivation. What is it and where can I find some? Sometimes I can force myself to the gym but if I’m not feeling motivated the workout is pointless, I just float around the gym, do a few weights but can never be bothered to push myself and try and achieve goals.

Yesterday, I went for a late night workout and dragged Helen with me for some extra motivation. I always find that when you go to the gym with someone else it helps to keep you interested and you don’t give up so easily. Helen and I had a back and abs day. My back muscles are something that I am really trying to work on, I’ve also been noticing a difference with them too. Admittedly, I have noticed a negative impact after a week out of the gym but I am hoping I can get back to where I was. We both are really focusing on our abs too as we find that a flat stomach gives you that extra little confidence boost.

We started off on the Woodway Curve Machine for a five minute warmup. I love this machine because it is not powered by electricity like any normal treadmill, it is powered by you! It is in a curved shape and as you walk it gains speed to match how fast you want to go. If you are more focused on burning calories in the gym this is a great machine as it helps to burn nearly twice as many calories as a standard treadmill.


We then moved on to the pull up machine. I’ve been trying to work on my lat muscles, my aim with this is to be able to a do a pull up unassisted. At the moment I know I am far from achieving this goal but I’m hoping it is something I will be able to do in the early part of the new year. Other exercises which help to strengthen your lats can be doing Cable Rows or using the Lat Pull Down Machine.

Coincidently, this is the machine we moved on to next. I do this with quite a wide grip and pull it down to my chest. When you pull it down you have to ensure you squeeze your back muscles, this helps to really work on your upper back.


Next was the Single Arm Dumbbell Row, I love this exercise because I can really feel my muscles strengthening. I know my form isn’t great in this as my back should be straighter but it is something that I am working on. I love taking pictures of the exercises because it helps me to be able to see how my form needs improving.

I normally do this with a 10kg dumbbell but I am looking to do it with bigger weights once my back has gained some more strength.

Our final back exercise was on the Upper Back Machine. This one is similar to the lat pull down in the way that you have to really squeeze your back when you bring your arms back. I really think that all of these back exercises are helping to make a difference on my strength, because of the improvements I can see it makes ‘back day’ really enjoyable for me.

We then did a few ab exercises to finish our workout with. These entailed using a Swiss Ball, I place this at my feet and use it to bring my knees to my chest. This is a great ab exercise at it really makes you work your core. Whilst I did this Helen did some Mountain Climbers, she loves doing these as it helps her work on her fitness as well as her core. We then used a small weighted ball and lifted it from side to side whilst we kept our feet lifted off the ground. Not only does this work on your core but it works on your balance too!


Thanks for reading and I hope this gives you some motivation! It would be great to hear your opinions and if you have got any ideas for more exercises we can do for our back or abs please let us know!

Outfit Details:

Sports bra – Ivy Park

Leggings – Nike

Trainers – Nike

Lots of love,





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