Whats in my bag?

I love handbags, Im always on the hunt for a new one! I always have to have one with me with all the essentials in when I leave the house. This is my new favourite, the Michael Kors  Mercer large tote bag. This was my latest treat on my trip to London a few weeks ago.


  • Handcream. This is a must especially this time of year. The Body Shop hemp hand protector is amazing it is great for very dry hands, you will notice the difference straight away after using it. I highly recommend!
  • Wet Brush is a must for everyone to have, removes all them knots pain free.
  • Vaseline. I ALWAYS have a vaseline on me, I must have about 10 in several different places. I am always using this!
  • MAC Lipstick. These are my favourite! I always carry one around, normally velvet teddy as it is quite a neutral tone so great for everyday.
  • Mirror. Always need a mirror in your handbag!
  • I always need my Diary on me. I rely on this to know exactly what I am doing and especially when and what times I am working!
  • My leather Gloves are a definate must in the winter. Im forever getting cold hands and the leather ones are perfect for keeping them warm and so hardwearing.
  • My invisibobble Hairband is always in my bag or on my wrist. I can’t live without a hairband on me, for when you need to just get your hair out of the way.



Lots of love,




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