Weekend Away

So last weekend we took a trip to Manchester to celebrate my Grandmas 80th Birthday. We  both really appreciate weekends away up North like this as it gives a chance to see all the family together and this doesn’t happen very often with the Morgans as we are all quite scattered around the country.

We travelled up on the Friday but as we were so tired we spent the evening lazing around and watching Children in Need. On the Saturday we went into town to do some shopping, we never miss an opportunity to visit Manchester city centre and the Arndale shopping centre as they have so many shops that we unfortunately do not have in Norwich. One of our favourites is Selfridges, we could have spent hours in there!

It was quite a disastrous day for me in many ways. Firstly my tangle teaser went flying across Piccadilly station and I had to chase it down the platform! Secondly, after purchasing my new heels from Topshop I discovered that the salesman who had served me had given me two different sized shoes! This was followed by me also discovering the jeans I had bought were actually ripped… but hey everyone loves ripped jeans!

We went to visit the Christmas markets but this was unfortunately cut short because of the rain, but we did have time for a quick selfie!



On the Sunday was a surprise meal for our Grandma. Unfortunately, Helen and I had the job of making up a lie to try and get her to the restaurant, this probably wouldn’t have been so bad but we weren’t quite sure that an hours drive for a ‘light lunch’ could be justified! Instead, we decided we would tell her that we would go and visit the Christmas Fayre at Chatsworth. The Christmas Fayre here is apparently very nice, but we wouldn’t know are we didn’t make it as we pulled into a pub for lunch… only for our Grandma to be surprised by all 20 Morgans hiding in a room at the top of the stairs!

All in all it was a lovely weekend which we enjoyed very much! Although, Grandma has said that she will no longer believe anything that me and Helen tell her..


Lots of love,




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